Galway Jazz Festival

Whoever said 'May you live in interesting times' ... well, thanks a lot. Here we are in 2019, watching momentous events unfold across the world - politically, environmentally, and socially, and 'interesting' is, ummm, one way of looking at it. And for sure, people are getting interested! The massive groundswell of public engagement ( led by some inspirational teenagers ) with the issue of climate change is encouraging, and we in GJF are building on the baby steps we took in recent years, and going bald-headed at trying to minimise impact on our beautiful planet at the same time as delivering a cracking festival.

Central to our strategy is seeking out the best of Irish. There is a lot of lovely talent out there, and we are delighted to present world premieres of GJF special commissions from no less than three world class Irish artists, Lauren Kinsella, Sean Carpio and Donal O' Kelly. We also welcome more than 30 wonderful Irish jazz stars in various combinations over five days...a little Jazz Venn Diagram, if you will. Plenty also for our smallies, some educational events, brunch, a film, and a hugely important music in healthcare strand.

The theme of gentle revolution runs through the festival, with a first time visits from Daniele di Bonaventura, Trish Clowes and My Iris, Nils Økland, Kaja Draksler and Eve Risser, and the fabulous London Gay Big Band. We'll also put on our nature shoes and do some serious planting in the grounds of St. Nicholas church, growing our audience for next year, talking to the bats, and beeing fabulous.

In the words of trumpeter and plant lover, Daisy Gillespie, one of the reasons we're here is to be part of this process of exchange. We are thrilled to welcome you all to Galway, for exchange of music, words, ideas, friendship,food, and celebration of life in all its magnificence. I hope you find it way more than just interesting!

Féadann sibh taithí fhéile álainn a bheith agaibh, cairdeas buan a dhéanamh, agus amhrán saoil, dóchais agus síochána a chanadh.

Ellen Cranitch
Artistic Director