ÄTSCH EP - Review

The Dublin Jazz scene never ceases to surprise me with its creativity, diversity and endurance. What it lacks in financial support compared to other European countries it more than compensates for with its high level of musicianship and increased cognisance of the history and traditions of the music. And so comes the EP from the quartet ÄTSCH into my inbox. I don’t know these guys, but I like what they do. Seemingly led by guitarist Matthias Winkler, the band delivers five thoughtful, well-conceived compositions that delicately but firmly push into a very personal modernity, all while maintaining a firm connection to the lineage.

Carole Nelson Trio - One Day in Winter - Album Review

One Day In Winter is the sort of recording that keeps one on the edge of their seat throughout. The trio brings a deep empathy with European Jazz-making on one hand; the sparseness and melodicism, while keeping the tradition of Jazz music at the fore and even making space for Irish traditional elements in the inaugural piece Beata Viscera. But this is no fusion record. The trio have a singular vision, and the many influences are naturally expressed in the whole. This is a piano trio that finds a way to swing gently but stridently through a plethora of feels. No contrivances here, this is real.

Edel Meade – Blue Fantasia - Album Review

This album shows how much Edel Meade’s vocal style has matured since she first appeared on the Dublin scene about six years ago. She opts for an understated approach, ethereal and with a touch of mystery. Combined with perfect diction and the sheer beauty of her voice, this puts Blue Fantasia in a class of its own.