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The Kind of New Series Presents - IMPRODIMENSIONAL

Ireland, Dublin Ireland, Dublin 10 Wellington Quay - The Workman's Club

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8 / 10 / 12

Step into a world where the boundaries of sound dissolve and reassemble in unexpected ways. On June 23rd, the Vintage Room at the Workman’s Club, Dublin will transform into an auditory canvas, presenting an evening that marries the spontaneity of free improvisation with the precision of notated music.

This concert is a bold exploration of the liminal space where structured composition meets the fluidity of the moment. ‘Kind of New’ series brings together emerging artists with seasoned performers, where on this occasion flautist Lina Andonovska sonically meets drummer Niall Crichton and keyboardist Tom Maxwell.

The night will open with an avant-garde tapestry, where the musicians, untethered by scores, weave intricate, ephemeral landscapes of sound. As the evening unfolds, the ensemble will seamlessly transition into previously notated/composed pieces.

Throughout the concert, there will be a spontaneous dialogue between these two realms.

Doors - 19:30, Music 20:00

The Vintage Room, The Workman's Club

Tickets - €12

Early Bird Tickets - €10

Student ticket €8 when using code 'student'

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Venue Information - The Workman's Club

Run by people passionate about music, our venue welcomes performers of all flavours. Alongside the headline gigs, The Workman’s Club is home to some of the capital’s finest club, comedy, acoustic and new band showcase nights.

The striking old-school decor makes it a popular choice for parties, launches, screenings, book readings and multimedia takeovers, as well as photo, video and movie shoots.