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Piano special this time with Dominic Reilly guesting. We also paid tribute to the late Brian Smyth who ran JJ Smyths jazz venue for many years prior to it being sold earlier in 2017. Rest in peace Brian.

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On this edition I pay tribute to saxophonist, clarinetist and flutist Eric Dolphy who tragically died in Berlin on the 29th of June 1964 at the young age of 36, his influence still immensely felt in Jazz today. You can hear some of his most important recordings, music recorded in the final days of his life and his influence on a new generation of progressive musicians.

Continuing the epic series on piano players in jazz, Donald has reached the letter E, where he finds one of the most important and influential pianists of all time, Bill Evans. It is probably true that almost all piano players in the modern era have been, to some extent, influenced by Evans.

He was something of a prodigy and began earning money from his music whilst still a teenager, but it wasn’t until he was 30, in 1959, and recorded with Miles Davis on the biggest selling jazz album of all time, Kind of Blue, that he reached beyond a small base of aficionados and found a wider public.

Tubby Hayes Quintet, Ella Fitzgerald, Ramsey Lewis, Steve Waterman, George Melly & more. Jazz Mine.

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Jazz Mine is a play on jasmine which is one possible originator in respect of JAZZ as a description of the music being featured on this weekly show. Jazz keeps developing so the intention is to keep the focus on newer stuff with many forays into the Jazz Mines to illustrate past jazz musical triumphs.

On this edition you can hear a portrait and feature of two pioneering voices and legends of German postwar Jazz, paying tribute to the late great pianist Michael Naura and honoring the veteran vibraphonist Wolfgang Schlueter both on the forefront of progressive Jazz in Europe and beyond, showcasing their work together as a duet, in small and Big Band setting.