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The Dublin Jazz Co-op Presents: Alicia & Orlando

Ireland, Dublin Ireland, Dublin 10 Wellington Quay - The Workman's Club

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10 / 12

Venezuelan guitarist and composer, Orlando Molina, unites with Mexican singer Alicia Garcia in a captivating exploration of traditional Latin American music.

Their collaboration seamlessly intertwines the authenticity of Latin American tunes with subtle jazz influences, resulting in a performance that is both emotionally resonant and artistically sophisticated. Orlando and Alicia present a musical experience that transcends borders, encouraging listeners to embrace the cultural richness stemming from the vibrant landscapes of Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, and other corners of South America.

The duo warmly welcomes you to accompany them on a lyrical journey, where the timeless beauty of Latin American melodies and rhythms takes center stage, inviting all to revel in the magic of their shared musical heritage.

The Vintage Room, doors at 19:30, music at 20:00

Limited Early Bird available!

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Venue Information - The Workman's Club

Run by people passionate about music, our venue welcomes performers of all flavours. Alongside the headline gigs, The Workman’s Club is home to some of the capital’s finest club, comedy, acoustic and new band showcase nights.

The striking old-school decor makes it a popular choice for parties, launches, screenings, book readings and multimedia takeovers, as well as photo, video and movie shoots.