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Ireland, Dublin Ireland, Dublin 28 Thomas St - Arthur's

18 Jul. 2024 Starts in 4 day(s)
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Quadrivium's story begins with a collective love for the rich sounds of Brazilian music - the infectious rhythms of samba, the sophisticated harmonies of bossa nova, and the adventurous spirit of Tropicália. Inspired by legends like João Donato, Hermeto Pascoal, Badem Powell, Toquinho, and João Bosco, these Dublin-based musicians honed their skills in jam sessions and gigs, fusing Brazilian percussion with the classic instrumentation of saxophone, piano, bass, and guitar.

Their infectious energy and innovative arrangements, blending the improvisational freedom of classic jazz (think Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Pat Metheny) with the unique charm of Brazilian rhythms, quickly garnered them a strong reputation. Quadrivium isn't afraid to push boundaries. They seamlessly weave in musical elements from Latin America and even Turkey, creating a truly global sonic tapestry.

"Quadrivium," holds deep meaning. Inspired by the ancient Greek concept encompassing arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy, it reflects their desire to embrace diverse influences and integrate them into their music. Just like the historical connection between music and mathematics, Quadrivium utilizes these ideas to create innovative and captivating soundscapes.

Quadrivium continues to captivate audiences and inspire musicians. Their exploration of the intricate connection between Brazilian jazz and classic jazz improvisation sets a unique standard in the contemporary scene.

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Venue Information - Arthur's

Arthur's is the nearest pub on the route to The Guinness Storehouse, one of the city's foremost tourist attractions. It is popular both with locals and tourists. Naturally it has the freshest pint of Guinness in all of Ireland.