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Scott's Jazz Club Presents: ÄTSCH

United Kingdom United Kingdom 1 Sandown Road, Ballyhackamore, BT5 6GT, Belfast - Scott's Jazz Club

16 Aug. 2024 Starts in 33 day(s)
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ÄTSCH is mixing the aesthetics of open post-rock soundscapes with the exiting freedom of Jazz improvisation. Starting as a graduation project in New Park Music Centre in 2016 the group has become an established player in the Irish Jazz scene. In 2018 and 2019 ÄTSCH became the first ever Irish outfit to feature at the Jazz ahead Club-night in Bremen (DE).

With their third Album “ÄTSCH III” the Band is moving away from compositional norms of modern Jazz. Based on short forms and strong melodies, the tunes are written as a guide to inspire improvisation and interplay. The band is drawing on Post-Rock and Pop influences to create a cinematic and expansive sound.

Doors 8:30//Music 9

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Venue Information - Scott's Jazz Club

Scott's Jazz Club is a Thursday night Jazz concert/ livestream event at Ballyhackamore club on No. 1 Sandown Road, East Belfast. The concert price is £15 and includes Bangladeshi finger food . The drink prices are really low as well!