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Scott's Jazz Club Presents: Gediminas Karkauskas

United Kingdom United Kingdom 1 Sandown Road, Ballyhackamore, BT5 6GT, Belfast - Scott's Jazz Club

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Gediminas Karkauskas, originally from Lithuania, is a jazz pianist and composer now based in Dublin.

Known for his dynamic and soulful performances sensitive and introspective style, Gediminas released his acclaimed CD “Lost Suite” in 2022. For this inaugural outing at Scott’s Jazz Club, he’ll be joined by Riccardo Marenghi critically acclaimed drummer, who has perfected his craft over two decades to the rhythmic origins of jazz and Maciej Blizinski double bass and electric guitar player very active in the Dublin and Irish scene. As they will lead audiences on a deeply connective musical journey through jazz favourites.

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Venue Information - Scott's Jazz Club

Scott's Jazz Club is a Thursday night Jazz concert/ livestream event at Ballyhackamore club on No. 1 Sandown Road, East Belfast. The concert price is £15 and includes Bangladeshi finger food . The drink prices are really low as well!