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JAZZGate: Clarinet in Jazz (Benny Goodman/Sidney Bechet)

Ireland, Galway Ireland, Galway 14 Francis Street - The Black Gate Cultural Centre

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Curated by Aengus Hackett Music, the #JAZZGate Series pays tribute to the greatest jazz artists and composers of all time,
as well as featuring local and visiting musicians - the absolute cream of the Irish Jazz scene.

Headford native Matthew Berrill is the featured guest for this evening which celebrates the rich tradition of clarinet in jazz. Drawing from the songbooks of such woodwind legends as Benny Goodman and Sidney Bechet, Berrill has gathered an ensemble with some of Ireland's leading musicians.

Widely regarded as Ireland's leading jazz clarinettist, Berrill honed his skills while studying with the legendary USA woodwind specialist John Rocca in the Conservatoire of Den Haag, Netherlands. His breadth of experience as a performer imbues his music with a depth of wonderful artistry.

Matthew Berrill - Clarinet
TBC - Piano
Dan Bodwell - Bass
Phil MacMullen - Drums



Doors for the JAZZGate series are at 9pm unless otherwise advertised, and music starts soon after.

Tickets €10, both at the link and on the door

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Venue Information - The Black Gate Cultural Centre

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