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'Raimonda Sings Soul' @ Midsummer Festival / The Cobblestone

Ireland Ireland 77 King Street North, Dublin D07 TP22 - The Cobblestone

21 Jun. 2019 Starts in 5 day(s)
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21st of June Dublin is celebrating the longest night of the year, the midsummer festival.

Raimonda, after recent touring dates in Mauritius, Lithuania, and Ireland is coming to perform and celebrate at the iconic spot for Dubliners, The Cobblestone.

The Cobblestone situated in the heart of Smithfield, has been always a great experience for traditional Irish music lovers and it's opened the doors for different musical acts.

As a semi acoustic performance, this is going to be a good night of heart to heart music, painted by velvety and soulful Raimonda's voice followed by beautiful guitar playing of Eamonn Moran.


Doors at 8pm

Concert starts at 8.30 pm

Location of event - Get Directions

Venue Information - The Cobblestone

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