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Róisín Mulliez Duo

Ireland, Dublin Ireland, Dublin Wolfetone Square - The Tram Cafe

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This sultry singer makes her debut at The Tram Café, with a set comprised of numbers from the Great American Songbook, with a few surprises...

Róisín Mulliez
A Galway girl, based in Dublin, Róisín has been singing since her early childhood. Her affinity for jazz became apparent at age 17. Over the years, she has adopted many techniques from the great jazz vocalists. Her main influences include Ella Fitzgerald and Julie London.
Now a first year student of the BA in Jazz and Contemporary program at DCU, she is getting the opportunity to study her passion and begin her career in vocal jazz performance.

Arjun Desai
Originally from New Delhi, India, Arjun has been a working musician for the past decade. He's worked in various roles ranging from music faculty in several schools and universities, and as a teaching artist in a Delhi based NGO Music Basti. He has a keen interest in drawing musical influences across many genres.

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Venue Information - The Tram Cafe

The Tram Café is one of Dublin's most unique venues for live music. Originally built in the US in 1902. Totally refurbished back to it's original condition, and opening in 2016, with it becoming a home for live Jazz, Soul and Latin music since July 2018.

You can find music at this venue (holds 50+) every Friday from 5.30pm, and every Sunday from 2.30pm, with great food, coffee and wine available and it's always FREE admission!

See www.thetramcafe.ie for more details, or call (086) 0420273 for table bookings.

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