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The Casablanca Club Presents Speakeasy Love Party

Ireland, Dublin Ireland, Dublin 121-122 Capel Street - Marrakesh By Mindo

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Love is in the air...

And we are bringing you a night of romance, Moroccan food and the best cocktails in town all wrapped around the mystique of 40's Casablanca, with Vintage dress encouraged to help relive the romance of the 1940's for one night only!

Live music starts at 6.30pm, and comes from our very own "Mr. Cool" Jack Boylan with his soulful renditions of jazz, and lounge standards with a touch of Latin sprinkled on top.

This party will be romantic, playful and sensual, you can blame it all on the free flowing Champagne on offer.

It's the perfect Aphrodisiac...

Bookings: (01) 8788988

Location of event - Get Directions

Venue Information - Marrakesh By Mindo

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