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The Casablanca Club - Jean Manoo

Ireland, Dublin Ireland, Dublin 121-122 Capel Street - Marrakesh By Mindo

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The Casablance Club it is a piano & cocktail bar with live piano sessions and with a Moroccan food menu, music this tongiht is provided by Jean Manoo.

Jean Manoo was born in Mauritius and comes from a family with a strong musical background there. He started playing piano and saxophone from age 15 and spent many years working the local hotel circuit. He then worked with Mauritian band Cassiya, and toured around the World with them for more than a decade. He has now been living in Dublin for the past 12 years and has worked with bands around Dublin and Ireland in that time. His real love is playing the intimate environs of a piano or cocktail bar, where as a seasoned musician staying on the cutting edge of his craft, he performs with a suave, deep jazz feeling for the music.

Immerse yourself in the authentic Moroccan experience where rich and vibrant flavours of Berber cuisine beautifully harmonize with fresh local ingredients

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Venue Information - Marrakesh By Mindo

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