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Totally Made Up Orchestra featuring Tonnta

Ireland, Dublin Ireland, Dublin Earlsfort Terrace - The National Concert Hall

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Wanted!! - musicians and music lovers of any age, any instrument, any ability to be part of the beautiful, monster, music machine, phenomena that is The Totally Made Up Orchestra

A reoccurring highlight of previous NMD festivals The Totally Made Up Orchestra is an orchestra like no other that blends composition, improvisation, words, sounds, movements, noises, gestures, humour and much head scratching into a unique and captivating performance.

Guided by the musical lunacy of composer Brian Irvine you will devise, create and perform a completely new work from scratch over the course of just a few hours.

Come and be a part of it at 10am or come and hear the finished results at 1pm.
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Please email with your name and instrument of choice. Musicians of all levels and all ages (we really do mean this!) are very welcome.


Brian Irvine
Members of the Public

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Venue Information - The National Concert Hall

The National Concert Hall sits proudly on Earlsfort Terrace in Dublin’s city centre and is home to the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Choir Ireland, Irish Baroque Orchestra, Music Network and Music Generation. Next door to the picturesque Iveagh Gardens and in the heart of a commercial district known as the National Concert Hall Quarter, it hosts over 1000 events per annum. Its mission, to foster and celebrate the appreciation, knowledge, enjoyment and pure love of music as an integral part of Irish life.