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Edel Meade

Ireland Ireland University of Limerick, Limerick - Irish World Academy

20 Aug. 2019 Starts in 4 day(s)
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Award-winning Irish vocalist, composer and songwriter EDEL MEADE will perform a 40-minute concert of brand new original material for her final performance on the MA Songwriting 2018/2019 at the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at University of Limerick.

A daring and passionate performer, Meade spent over a decade working as a professional jazz singer and vocal coach in Dublin, before moving to Limerick in 2018 to hone her songwriting skills at the Irish World Academy at University of Limerick. The change in geographical location gave her the freedom to explore new musical terrain. For her, music-making is less about playing within the confines of a particular genre and more about stretching her abilities as a singer and songwriter with something to say.

“I got tired singing everybody else’s songs. I wanted to write my own music and express my own ideas. And I believe it’s an artist’s duty to reflect the times.”

“Artfully-crafted compositions”

“Sophisticated, disarmingly personal songs”

“Edel Meade has what it takes. Remember the name. You’ll be hearing it again.”

Location of event - Get Directions

Venue Information - Irish World Academy

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