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Anouar Brahem - Blue Maqams

Ireland, Dublin Ireland, Dublin Earlsfort Terrace - The National Concert Hall

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34 - 44

Tunisian oud master Anouar Brahem released his new ECM project Blue Maqams in 2017. This remarkable lineup features his bass-playing soulmate Dave Holland, drums star Nasheet Waits, and a wild card in the form of the pianist Django Bates.

Brahem is the oud’s conjuror, a master at bringing out the acoustic magic which this age-old traditional Oriental lute carries inside its calabash: the musical heritage of the Arab and Islamic worlds. His ECM albums have seen Brahem collaborate with some of the world's most talented musicians including Barbaros Erköse, Jan Garbarek AND Dave Holland. His discography includes Le Pas Du Chat Noir (2001), Le Voyage De Sahar (2006), The Astounding Eyes Of Rita (2009).

“The result achieves a spellbinding balance between gently melodic Mediterranean song forms and the one-touch rhythmic elasticity and melodic ingenuity of the best jazz.”

The Guardian


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Venue Information - The National Concert Hall

The National Concert Hall sits proudly on Earlsfort Terrace in Dublin’s city centre and is home to the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Choir Ireland, Irish Baroque Orchestra, Music Network and Music Generation. Next door to the picturesque Iveagh Gardens and in the heart of a commercial district known as the National Concert Hall Quarter, it hosts over 1000 events per annum. Its mission, to foster and celebrate the appreciation, knowledge, enjoyment and pure love of music as an integral part of Irish life.

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