The Hot Box Xtra 4 - Chick Corea 1941-2021

Chick Corea 1941-2021

A Hot Box Xtra checks out the music of one of the most important musicians in jazz. Sadly, he passed away in February this year aged 79.

A pianist, composer and bandleader who visited all corners of the music box from Hispanic to Fusion, from Jazz to Classical. Chick Corea collected an amazing 23 Grammy Awards over his career - probably more than any other musician - delivering almost 90 recorded albums during his 60 plus years as a professional. He had played concerts in Ireland on several occasions.

Footnote: Since this programme was recorded, the 2021 Grammys were announced March 14, and Chick Corea received posthumously two more awards, for Best Improvised Jazz Solo (All Blues - included in this tribute show) and the album Trilogy 2 in which it featured.

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Track Listing for The Hot Box Xtra 4 - Chick Corea 1941-2021

  1. What Game Shall We Play Today - From the album Crystal Silence

  2. Return to Forever - From the album Return to Forever

  3. Armando’s Rhumba - From the album Two (with Bela Fleck)

  4. The Disguise - From the album Five Peace Band

  5. Blues in F - From the album Orvieto with Stefano Bollani

  6. All Blues - From the album Trilogy 2

  7. Recorda Me - From the album Trilogy

  8. Spain - From the album Trilogy


Donald Helme
Author: Donald Helme
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