The Hot Box #061 - More Celebrations

It seems that this is a time for memories of the great jazz musicians of yesterday who have “left the building” during the current pandemic (but not necessarily as a direct result of it), and in The Hot Box #061 we celebrate the music of saxophonist Jimmy Heath, singer/pianist Freddy Cole and singer Annie Ross. And we find some new music from Brazilian, New York based guitarist Riccardo Grilli.

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Track Listing forThe Hot Box #061 - More Celebrations

# Artist Track Title Time
01 Michel Camilo One More Once 00:00
02 Freddy Cole Rio De Janeiro Blue 02:13
03 Lambert, Hendricks and Ross Twisted 08:31
04 Lambert, Hendricks and Ross Everyday 12:13
05 Lambert, Hendricks and Ross Cloudburst 17:32
06 Lambert, Hendricks and Ross Down for Double 20:11
07 Jimmy Heath The Time and the Place 22:49
08 Jimmy Heath Forever Sunny 33:18
09 Ricardo Grilli Mars 42:22
10 The Heath Brothers Project “S” 50:47
11 Freddy Cole Watching You, Watching Me 58:56


Donald Helme
Author: Donald Helme
Donald presented Jazz Alley, Ireland’s number one jazz show, on RTE Lyric FM from the station’s first week on air until the end of 2015. “I am not a musician, and have never pretended to be anything other than a lifetime fan with loads of experience and hopefully, good ears.”
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