Tales from the far Side 23.07.20 Sligo Jazz-Magic in the past, hope for the future

MAGIC in the past, HOPE for the future ........ the shining beacon of SLIGO JAZZ !!!!

On this edition I revisit the Sligo Jazz Festival, one of the best if not THE best Jazz Festival on this island, which, despite being affected from the pandemic, thankfully won't give up and continues to spread the message of Jazz around the globe. You can hear contributions by Liane Carroll, Sara Coleman, Emila Martenson, Shannon Barnett, Meilana Gillard, Linley Hamilton, the Impossible Gentlemen, Paul Booth, John Goldsby and others.

TALES FROM THE FAR SIDE is live on air on CRC102.9fm and on www.crcfm.ie every Thursday 8-9 pm with a repeat on Saturday 9-10 pm. And there is a podcast of the show available on the web site all through the week. The show has established itself over the years with a small but devoted listenership (even beyond Jazz-fans) and since the introduction on internet the listenership extended nationally and internationally.

Werner Lewon
Author: Werner Lewon
Werner Lewon has been presenting Tales from the Far Side for over15 years. It is one of the longest running Jazz-Shows in Ireland, certainly one of the very few from the West. “I am just an ordinary listener and punter who fell in love with jazz somewhere along the way and I love to introduce others to this magic. A day without Jazz is boring!
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