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The blog is dedicated to Irish Jazz and to the fans, musicians and venues that support it. if you have any content you would like to add to the blog please get in touch.

what is jazz ireland

​What is Jazz Ireland and what does it do?

Jazz Ireland is a brand new website for Irish Jazz. We want to provide a dedicated space where musicians, fans and venues can connect. The main function behind Jazz Ireland is to list every jazz event and venue in the country in one place.

  • Musicians can manage their own events, sell their CDs and find venues to perform in all around Ireland.
  • Fans can suggest events, tell us about venues and find events anywhere.
  • Business owners can advertise their venues in the directory and make themselves available to a larger audience.

Aside from all that we will promote the content on the site through Social Networks, Search Engine Optimisation, newsletter campaigns, the blog and the shop.

Tales from the far Side 30.08.18 Hot and Cookin' Jazz

On this edition I serve you a delicious and most tasteful musical 10 course meal of hot and COOKIN' Jazz recordings with some of the genre's master chefs du cuisine offering their virtuosic recipes with music by Miles Davis, Clifford Brown, Horace Silver, Lambert, Hendricks & Ross, Oscar Peterson, Eddioe Lockjaw Davis, Shirley Scott, The Cookers, Chris McGregor's Brotherhood of Breath, Larry Coryell and others.  JUST COOKIN' !!!!!