Tales from the far Side 02.08.18 The new Generation of U 40 German Key Players

On this edition you can hear some of the best "New German Key-Players", the U 40 generation of Jazz pianists in Germany featuring the trios of Michael Wollny, Pablo Held, Benedikt Jahnel, Julia Kadel, Tim Allhoff, Clara Haberkamp and Lorenz Kellhuber.

TALES FROM THE FAR SIDE is live on air on CRC102.9fm and on www.crcfm.ie every Thursday 8-9 pm with a repeat on Saturday 9-10 pm. And there is a podcast of the show available on the web site all through the week. The show has established itself over the years with a small but devoted listenership (even beyond Jazz-fans) and since the introduction on internet the listenership extended nationally and internationally.

Red Keane
Author: Red KeaneWebsite: www.jazzireland.ie
Red is the founder and creator of Jazz Ireland, he actively maintains and develops the Jazz Ireland website and is very active on its social networking profiles.
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