The Hot Box #095 - New Material XIV

The Hot Box 95: What’s in it?

Some great new music that’s what. Two from America, one from Belgium, and two from Ireland.

The album Tim Fitzgerald’s Full House was awarded to Daniel Cervigni who emailed , and now you can contact Donald to “win” the copy of Chick Corea’s Acoustic Band double album “Live”, which marks the second anniversary of Chick’s death.

We are always seeking recordings by Irish artists and Irish inspired recordings, so if you know of any, let us know. The Hot Box is released on every 2 weeks, please tell your friends about The Hot Box and share it on social media. Questions, comments and requests to

Track list for The Hot Box #095 - New Material XIV

  1. No Guru Holds Me: Jef Neve

  2. Catamaran. Ben Rosenblum’s Nebula Project

  3. Time Bandits. John Bailey quartet.

  4. Pure Lured: Chris Doherty

  5. Forest Flower: Louis Stewart

  6. Adagio: Jef Neve

  7. A Thousand Pebbles - Living Stream: Ben Rosenblum’s Nebula Project

  8. Groove Samba: John Bailey

  9. Jingles: Tim Fitzgerald’s Full House. 


Donald Helme
Author: Donald Helme
Donald presented Jazz Alley, Ireland’s number one jazz show, on RTE Lyric FM from the station’s first week on air until the end of 2015. “I am not a musician, and have never pretended to be anything other than a lifetime fan with loads of experience and hopefully, good ears.”
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