The Hot Box #093 - The Name Game

Why do some bands choose brand names rather than the name of their leader? A very brief investigation in the Hot Box #093.

We are always seeking recordings by Irish artists and Irish inspired recordings, so if you know of any, let us know. The Hot Box is released on www.jazzireland.ie every 2 weeks, please tell your friends about The Hot Box and share it on social media. Questions, comments and requests to

Track list for The Hot Box #093 - The Name Game

  1. Birdland: Weather Report from the album Live at Offenbach

  2. Moose The Mooche: The Dirty Dozen from the album Voodoo

  3. Thank You Fa Letting Me Be Mice Elf Again: The Jazz Crusaders from the album Old Socks New Shoes, New Socks Old Shoes

  4. Pound for Pound: The Bad Plus from the album Made Possible

  5. Bent Nails: Snarky Puppy from the album Ground Up

  6. Song for Gabriel: The Hot Club of Detroit from the album Junction

  7. Polliwog: James Farm from the album James Farm

  8. Hymn of the 7th Galaxy: Return to Forever from the anthology album

  9. Naaj: The Cookers from the album Believe

  10. Thanks Neil: Atsch


Donald Helme
Author: Donald Helme
Donald presented Jazz Alley, Ireland’s number one jazz show, on RTE Lyric FM from the station’s first week on air until the end of 2015. “I am not a musician, and have never pretended to be anything other than a lifetime fan with loads of experience and hopefully, good ears.”
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