The Hot Box #047 - All Female Vocal

The Hot Box number 47 in which we have wall-to-wall female vocalists………………….

This is the first time Hot Box has gone all-female-vocal, but a really exciting programme results, with several current singers featured both from Ireland and beyond. It seems that there is an explosion of female vocalising today, and it recalls the days when all the big bands had to front with at least one female vocalist - a “canary” as they were pejoratively nicknamed. Most of them fell into obscurity. Nowadays the singer is more likely to have to make a solo career from scratch.Its still a struggle but a different kind of struggle.

The surge in vocal jazz also makes for song selection that encompasses material from the popular to the classic, reaching as it always has, to the world beyond jazz.

We are still seeking recordings by Irish pianists, so if you know of any, let us know. The Hot Box is released on every 2 weeks and can be heard on-line around the world. Tell your jazz loving friends, and talk to us direct with comments and suggestions to

Track List for The Hot Box #047 - All Female Vocal

# Artist Track Title Time
01 Michel Camilo One More Once 00:00
02 Rebecca DuMaine When in Rome 02:52
03 Gretje Angell Fever 08:31
04 Cecile McLorin Salvant Wild Women Don’t Have the Blues 13:09
05 Tara O’Grady Irish Black Bottom 18:43
06 Flo McSweeney Mood Indigo 23:19
07 Carmel McCreagh Amazing 28:28
08 Jolena Jovavic Little Freddie Steps 32:02
09 Gretje Angell Love is Here to Stay 37:17
10 Emilie Conway I’ll Be Around 41:58
11 Tara O’Grady A Rude Awakening (Kate O’Flaherty’s Blues) 45:15
12 Rebecca DuMaine You’re Getting to be a Habit with Me 51:24
13 Flo McSweeney Moondance 55:18
14 Jolena Jovavic The Countless Stars 59:45
15 Stella Bass Back to Black 01:06:02
Donald Helme
Author: Donald Helme
Donald presented Jazz Alley, Ireland’s number one jazz show, on RTE Lyric FM from the station’s first week on air until the end of 2015. “I am not a musician, and have never pretended to be anything other than a lifetime fan with loads of experience and hopefully, good ears.”
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