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Since the demise of RTE Lyric’s Jazz Alley, which broadcast every week from the first weekend of the station’s existence until it was axed at the end of 2015, there has been no regular national programme devoted to jazz. The Hot Box aims to fill that gap with former Jazz Alley presenter Donald Helme.

The Hot Box sets the best of Irish recorded jazz in the wider context of the universal language that is jazz worldwide. It tries to emphasise accessability and sheer enjoyment, and is building an audience well beyond the shores of its home country.


The Hot Box #089 – All New Recordings

Tracks this time are exclusively (well almost) from brand shiny new albums. The exception sadly is another of those remembrance pieces, this time for the singer Tina May who died earlier this year.

The Hot Box 088 - All New Material

In the 87th Hot Box we scratched the surface of the hot topic of females in jazz, and now we to try to go a little deeper, so the 88th picks out some more women whose contribution to jazz has been stellar. And then we take a listen to an extract from the famous Piano Jazz series presented by Marian McPartland, in the studio with her friend, the legendary Mary Lou Williams.

We’re still only scratching the surface, or as one of our chosen songs says, Scratchin’ in the Gravel!

The Hot Box 087 – Best Female Jazz Artists Past & Present

The Hot Box 87 - in which we celebrate some of the best female jazz artists past and present

Scratching the surface in just an hour, we can listen to a few of the female jazz musicians that have been prominent, but in such a talented minority, for the 100 or so years of jazz music.

The Hot Box #085 - Jazz Times’s Top 10

And the Hot Box gets to number 85!

This time, a few samples from the Jazz Times’s Top 10 albums of the 1980s, together with a review of the new Palmetto release by baritone and clarinet star Brian Landrus. And the third and final track, never before heard, of the Louis Stewart/Honor Heffernan acoustic session.

The Hot Box #084 – New Recordings

This edition is full to bursting with new material, and includes another track - never before heard -from Honor Heffernan and Louis Stewart, as well two new ECM releases and pieces from the first volume of the all-guitar tribute to Pat Martino on the High Note label.