Newpark Music Academy, a cherished institution renowned for nurturing musical talent and fostering a vibrant community, has recently announced its closure. This unexpected decision, made by the board of directors, has left many in shock and sadness.

A Legacy of Excellence

For 45 years, Newpark Music Academy has been a cornerstone of our community, providing high-quality music education to students of all ages. With over 600 students and 42 dedicated staff members, the academy has seen numerous achievements, from student performances in prestigious venues to alumni succeeding in professional music careers. Its contributions to the local cultural landscape are immeasurable, making its closure all the more poignant.

Reasons for Closure

On 22nd May, staff were informed that the academy would close on 1st June, a shocking and sudden announcement for everyone involved. The board of directors cited financial issues as the primary reason for the closure. However, this explanation came as a surprise, as no prior financial difficulties had been communicated.

Efforts to Save Newpark Music Academy

In response to the sudden announcement, a dedicated working group quickly formed to explore ways to save the academy. Led by Deborah Kelleher, David Brophy, Des Crowther, Catherine Griffin, Anne Woodworth, Kevin Brady, Alyssa Filardo, Hilda Chan, Bébhinn Murphy, and Judith Woodworth, the group brought together expertise in finance, legal matters, communications, and music education. They launched the Save Newpark Music campaign to raise awareness among current and former students and the wider music community, ensuring their voices were heard.

The campaign garnered significant media attention, and the esteemed law firm Arthur Cox LLP offered to work on a pro bono basis, providing invaluable support. A public meeting on Tuesday, 11th June, saw a packed room with attendees including TD Richard Boyd Barrett, Senator Barry Ward, and Councillors Maurice Dockrell, Marie Baker, Michael Clark, and Conor Dowling. Leading musicians from around the world also shared videos of support.

Why Does It Matter?

Newpark Music Academy is a vital part of Ireland's music ecosystem. Over its 45 years of operation, it has educated thousands of students who have gone on to join bands, orchestras, and become music educators themselves. Beyond musical skills, music education at Newpark has provided numerous benefits, including enhanced language learning, improved listening and maths skills, general well-being, and reduced stress.

Newpark Academy of Music is particularly significant because it offers programs ranging from early years education to intergenerational choirs and music tuition without requiring auditions. This openness allows anyone with a desire to learn an instrument to sign up, making music education accessible to all.

How You Can Help

The closure of Newpark Music Academy marks a critical moment for the community. With over 600 students needing classes and 42 staff members eager to teach, the demand for music education remains strong. The community is committed to ensuring that the academy continues in some form, with the primary goal being to reopen in September in the current building.

We need your support to save Newpark Music Academy. Here’s how you can help:

By joining our efforts, you can help ensure that the legacy of Newpark Music Academy continues and that future generations have the opportunity to experience the joy and benefits of music education. Let's come together to save this vital institution and keep the music playing in our community.

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