The Jones Way Releases New Album “We Are Human”

“WE ARE HUMAN”, the new album of Annalisa Bruschini and Silvia Segatori aka The Jones Way is available from today, 11th November 2022, on all digital platforms.

The new work of the Bray-based band, established in 2012, comes from the necessity to express themselves. In 10 original songs, “We Are Human” enhances the intricacy of the human being, how fragile and vulnerable we all are, but still so beautiful and strong. Moreover, they talk about fundamental values such as acceptance and love for oneself, the empathy towards others and the  respect for the Earth.

Musically speaking, this new work sounds more mature, the complexity of its realization fully reflects the professional and personal growth of the two Artists; they challenged themselves with a continuous research of new sounds, playing around with vocal harmonizations, orchestrations and electronic music elements.

To anticipate the release of the album they released a title-track single, mixed and mastered at Dublin Studio Hub with an official video produced by The List ARD, a video and photography production studio based in Rome, that helped to confirm the main concept of  “We Are Human” (you can watch it HERE).

Additionally they continue a successful collaboration with Saxophonist Matteo Marseglia, started in 2020 in their previous work “self-portrayed stories”. 

Watch the "WE ARE HUMAN" Official Video

More About The Jones Way

The two Italian women moved to Ireland in 2015, wanted also to rediscover their origins with the song “Girotondo”, an hymn in Italian, for all those people that used to feel obliged to justify their lives, choices, achievements or failures. 

Moreover they enriched this project thanks to the collaboration of different artistic Italian personalities such as Saxophonist Matteo Marseglia, the Berlin Staatsballett’s Dancer Marco Arena and the Graphic Designer and Illustrator Silvia Mammarella.

Connect with The Jones Way

Facebook:           https://www.facebook.com/thejoneswayacoustic/
Instagram:          https://www.instagram.com/thejoneswayit/
Twitter:                https://twitter.com/TheJonesWayIT
YouTube:             https://www.youtube.com/user/thejoneswaymusic
Soundcloud:       https://www.soundcloud.com/thejonesway/

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