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Selling your music on Jazz Ireland is very easy,
in just a few steps you can reach a worldwide audience.

How it works

At the moment we only offer the facility for sale of digital download products but we do plan to offer a service for physical CD’s in the near future.

Tell us about your album

Fill in this form and give us all the details about your release, we will arrange a way to get the files.

We publish it on our site

After we finalise the information and set things up we will publish the album on the Jazz Ireland site

Then we promote it

We send our recent releases out to subscribers and promote new content on social networks

mp3player jazz irelandJoin our independent artist community

  • Get automatic alerts when your album is bought
  • No setup Fees or subscription
  • You keep 80% of revenue
  • 20% goes towards transaction and administration fees
  • Choose when you get paid: every single, 5 or 10 sales
  • We promote your music through our site, newsletters and social networks
  • Retain all rights to your music


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The artist is responsible for all royalties due on any recordings they submit to Jazz Ireland for sale. They are also responsible for intellectual property and copyright of the recordings. Jazz Ireland only offers the facility for sale of the artist’s recordings. Artists are bound by the terms of service on this website.

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