• Maelstrom

1. Celeste 7:51
2. Extrapolation 5:23
3. Kacho Fugetsu 6:05
4. Step 8:25
5. Spring Song 5:18
6. Maelstrom 6:11
7. D42 5:04

Ethereal interplay between Irish jazz guitarist and Japanese contemporary pianist. Their uplifting and calming virtuosities together create the maelstrom of intuition for peace.

Leading Irish Jazz guitarist Tommy Halferty meets Izumi Kimura, contemporary Classical pianist from Japan. Selection of music by Ralph Towner, John McLaughlin, Bill Dobbins, Tommy and Izumi, plus a spontaneous improvisation which reveals the truth of conversation between two. Maelstrom for peace.

Produced by Tommy Halferty and Izumi Kimura

Recorded and engineered by David McCune at Ventry Studios

Mastered by Madhu Kambamettu

Artwork by Anthony Wigglesworth anthonysart.com

Album Details
Bitrate 320kbps
Copyright Izumi Kimura
File Type MP3
Release Date 2016
Total Length 44:17


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Tags: Tommy Halferty, Izumi Kimura