• Dear World

1 Crazy in the Heart 3:56
2 If Love's Like a Lark 3:39
3 Blackberry Winter 4:35
4 Give Me Time 6:13
5 Lovers and Losers 2:36
6 Who Can I Turn to? 3:32
7 Is It Always Like This? 4:03
8 The Wrong Blues 3:46
9 A Child Is Born 5:41
10 Mimosa and Me 3:31
11 A Long Night 3:07
12 Dear World 3:23

Jazz critic Barry Ulanov described Alec Wilder's melodies as "leaping and lovely, sinuous and sequested, elusive and wistful." In "Dear World,” award winning Dublin jazz singer Emilie Conway and her quintet bring the music of the enigmatic, rarely heard and rarely recorded Alec Wilder to life.

With arrangements by gifted pianist and musical director, Johnny Taylor, Wilder's songs emerge in all their sparkling originality, beauty, humour and warmth; vibrant with fascination with life. The album brings the listener on an evocative, reflective, at times relaxed, then piquant journey through some rarely recorded songs like “Is It Always Like This?” and “Crazy in the Heart,” and “Blackberry Winter.” This recording marks the debut recording of the title track, “Dear World.”

Emilie is joined by her regular band members: Johnny Taylor (piano), Damian Evans (double bass) and Dominic Mullan (drums). The fifth member is Brendan Doyle (saxophones / clarinet ). Special guest Julien Colarossi, (guitar) joins Emilie and Johnny on “Dear World."

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Bitrate 1411kbps
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Label Milie
Release Date 20 Aug. 2016
Total Length 48:02

Dear World

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