• Burkina

  1. Algiers La Blanche 7:58
  2. Norma & Kenny 5:27
  3. D42 7:36
  4. One for Annie 6:43
  5. Airflight 4:29
  6. Paramour 6:18
  7. She's a Woman 6:20
  8. Jala a La Montuno 3:27
  9. Now I Know 6:04

Leading Irish jazz guitarist Tommy Halferty and his trio featuring Dave Redmond on bass & Kevin Brady on drums join forces to release their highly anticipated album entitled Burkina. Featuring elements of jazz, pop, and captivating musical improvisation.

Album Notes
Artists' and musicians' alike in one way or another, develop the idea of re-inventing themselves at a certain period of their careers to avoid the possible drying up of their inspirational source. This re-invention generally takes the shape of a new expression of their artistic selves . This CD has created for me this new expression, evading the drought of my musical source and has placed me in a more open and creative position to perform my music. Of course, this would not have happened without the musical help of both Kevin and Dave who have in their respective ways extended my musical horizons.

Some of the titles on the CD are self-explanatory: Algiers la Blanche' a strange and wonderful city. Air-flight' speaks for itself. D42 the name of the room which became my entire world as my former self as a secondary teacher. Other titles are personal choices One for Annie, others are by famous musicians who have become part of my musical life as well as close friends. I would like to dedicate this album to my family Annie, Maud,Hugo,Chris, Scott, Thomas and Lara.

Recorded at The Ventry Studios, Balbriggan on the 10th of May 2013.
Engineered & Mixed by Dave Mc'Cune

Mastered by Thomas Schmidt at Thon Studios Munich,Germany
Produced by Tommy Halferty, Kevin Brady & Dave Redmond

Album Details
Bitrate 320bps
Copyright 2014 The Tommy Halferty Trio
File Type MP3
Label Lrp Records
Release Date May 13, 2014
Total Length 54:22


  • €10.00

Tags: Tommy Halferty, Kevin Brady, David Redmond