• Shamat

  1. Randomness Of Beauty Spots 5:20
  2. Hana 5:06
  3. Carousel Of Love 3:28
  4. In The Depth 4:18
  5. Genesis of the Bubble 2:47
  6. Fuqaati 3:56
  7. Layla 3:51
  8. Burkan 5:28
  9. Ya Layl La Trooh 4:15

In Ruba Shamshoum's debut album 'Shamat' (Arabic for Beauty Spots) she deals with identity, anger, escapism, lack of communication, fear, and love. The songs on the album were written and arranged by Ruba.

Improvised music by Matthew Jacobson, Orlando Molina, and Barry Rycraft.


Ruba Shamshoum - Lead and backing vocals
Orlando Molina - Guitar
Barry Rycraft - Double bass
Matthew Jacobson - Drums
Aleka Potinga - Cello
Mathew Berrill - Clarinet
Jay Wilson - Piano

All the songs were written and arranged by Ruba Shamshoum except:

"Genesis of the Bubble"

Lyrics by Ruba Shamshoum



Recorded and mixed at Arad Studio, Dublin, 2016.
Recording Engineer - Leslie Keye
Mastering - Michael Buckley
Produced by Matthew Jacobson and Leslie Keye
Executive Producer - Amir Salameh

Album Design:

Illustrations - Charlotte Shama
Graphic Design - Joanne Shamshoum
Arabic language advisor - Eyad Barghuthy

A very special thank you to Amir, for being there in every step of this long journey.

Thank you for always believing in me.

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Bitrate 320kbps
Copyright Ruba Shamshoum
File Type MP3
Release Date 2017


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